About Us

Shakti Industrial Corporation is a leading supplier of industrial products and services. Shakti is characterized by its commitment to complete customer care. The delivery of products and services begins a lifelong relationship of the company with its customers. We have a dedicated staff of more than 60 people and always growing.

Shakti industrial has sales offices in Gurgaon, Manesar, and Rudrapur. Manufacturing facilities are in Manesar. Our products range includes MRO supplies, Abrasives, Material handling, Tools & equipment, Janitorial Lifting & rigging, Plumbing, Power transmission, fluid transmission, Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment, welding machine. We are continuously looking for new and emerging markets to operate into. If you require a product not mentioned on the site, please feel free to contact our sales representative they have access to a large number of quality suppliers worldwide. Our customers are automobile manufacturer’s and their subsidiaries, FMCG companies, General manufacturing firms.

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