Gates Hydraulic Hoses

Gates corporation is a global diversified Industrial company that provides advance power transmission and fluid transfer solution.

Product range

Extremely High Pressure
  • A spiral wire hose with a constant working pressure rating per hose 3000 to 6000 PSI.
  • Inside diameter of 3/8 to 2″

High Pressure

  • Long lastic, high impulse life, wire braid reinforced hose.
  • Several hoses offering constant pressure, flexibility and 1/2 bend radius rating.
  • Complete range of sizes, pressure and temperature rating to handle any job


Medium Pressure
  • Mid range of pressure and application hose type.
  • Meets standard SAE and European Norm specification
  • Wide range of pressures and temperature offered.


Low Pressure
  • 1/2 bend radius, high temperature return line hose.
  • Excellent vacuum ratings offering resistance to hose collapse while under suction.
  • Offered in sizes up through 4 1/2″ to handle all return line applications.


High temperature
  • Recommended for high pressure hydraulic line, Ideal for use on many type of machinery and other applications


X-MP wire-braid hydraulic hose
  • A wire hose braid that perform like a spiral wire hose.


Thermoplastic hose
  • flexible, Crimp able thermoplastic hose. Crimping leak-proof couplings on thermoplastic hose is never been easier.