Ingersoll rand Compressors

Small Reciprocating Compressor

Wide range of portable and stationary compressor in gas, electric and high pressure models from 0.75 – 30KW(1 – 40hp)

Rotary screw Air compressors

Rotary screw air compressors: The rotary screw air compressors has become the most popular sourced of compressed air from industrial applications. Contact cooled compressors available in sizes from 2.2 – 350KW(3 – 470hp ) to meet varied needs for air quality Precision rotors available with variable speed drive option to maximize efficiency. Web-enabled controls available to allow for easy system monitoring.

Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor:

Reliable workhorse from since 1993 with capacity ranging from 13-113m3/min(471- 4000 cfm) to meet any demand. Stainless steel rotors with altra Coat rotor coating protect against wear and maximize efficiency. 100% oil-free air with full ISO Class 0 certification.

Air System Components, Parts & Accessories

Dryers – full range of dryers from refrigerated to desiccant heat-of- compression, System Controls & Automation-Connect, control and communicate with multiple compressors and system components and providing intuitive, remote, web based visualization, Condensate & filtration Management – drains, separators and filters.


Air Audit solutions

Your air system problems require total solutions. IR Audit Solutions will help you define system problems, whether they are in demand, distribution or supply and develop cost-efficient solutions that meet your return on investment goals. IR Air Solutions is helping customers optimize their systems even more.